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At Annadel Insurance Services, we find that many individuals have questions or need help figuring out the Medicare insurance maze. Medicare plans are not a one size fits all - With our knowledge of Medicare, we can assist your client to ensure they have a health care plan that addresses their personal needs, preferences and financial situation.

As a financial planner, you understand the impact healthcare costs and coverage can have on retirement planning. Just as you regularly review your client’s investment portfolio, we annually review our client’s Medicare plans. As a preferred partner, we can be a resource to you and your client to understand your client’s health insurance costs and options for short and long-term planning.

HOW we help:

  • We can create proposals, walk clients through Medicare A/B /D enrollment, and provide guidance on multiple situations.
  • We will communicate with the advisor during and after the process, keeping them informed along the way.
  • We help get realistic premium estimates for retiree planning and budget purposes.
  • We offer annual reviews including re-evaluating a client’s current health insurance coverage with any anticipated medical care in mind which provides an opportunity to strategically plan for maximizing benefits and saving on out of pocket expenses – all at no cost to your client.
  • We do not cross sell to your clients.

WHO we help:

  • Someone turning 65 and aging into Medicare • Individuals already on Medicare, making sure they have the correct plan for their needs and preferences
  • Those comparing group/retiree coverage to Medicare/private insurance
  • Family members needing Individual Health Insurance coverage, including on and off exchange plans through Covered California.
  • Early retirees (COBRA alternatives)
  • As Independent Brokers, we work for your clients. We represent many insurance companies and provide objective recommendations based on your client’s needs. We are paid directly from the insurance companies, so there are no fees or costs for our services and expertise.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions on behalf of your client(s).

To start a no-obligation, confidential, Medicare review process for your client(s), please give us a call or have them contact us directly.

Representing Medicare Insurance plans is highly regulated and complicated. Thus, our approach is different than other types of insurance such as property and casualty. We cannot make unsolicited calls; individuals must contact us directly.